Below are a few Frequently Asked Questions with answers.  Feel free to contact us with any other questions or concerns you may have!

Cover FAQs

When purchasing a hatch cover, does it come with the gasket?

Yes!  All of our covers are preassembled and shipped 100% complete with gaskets, hinges, and lock tabs installed.

Can I purchase just a hinge strap or lock tab for my damaged cover?

Unfortunately we do not sell individual lock tabs, hinge straps, or huck bolts for hatch covers.  In order to ensure proper fit, form, and function we recommend replacing the entire cover that is damaged.

Gate FAQs

Do you sell Keystone Outlet Gate replacement parts?

Yes! In 2000 Aero Transportation Products purchased the Keystone gate division.  We do carry some replacement parts for Keystone gates, and typically have a ATP replacement for older Keystone Models.